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BiosHub should work for everyone, just just a single use-case. Let me know what works, what doesn’t work and any new features or changes would make your workflow easier!

2 December 28, 2018
BiosHub FAQ

Is BiosHub going to be free? No. While early releases may be free, the final product will be monetized in some fashion as I need to make a living somehow. That being said, I’m uncomfortable charging anything more than a …

2 December 27, 2018
About BiosHub

BiosHub is a modern, easy-to-use tool for role-playing games. It allows players anywhere in the world to gather around the digital table and enjoy rolling dice and slaying dragons. Developed from the ground up to be tran…

1 December 27, 2018
Progress Report: 2019 20 March 10, 2019